Unique view of 3 western islands from Tenerife

IMG_2257On the right hand side you can see El Hierro Island – the most western island of Canary archipelago.

Neighbouring La Gomera Island is in the centre of the picture.

And on the left there’s La Palma Island.

This is quite rare view and you should be very lucky to see all the western islands at one from Tenerife.

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Unique view of 3 western islands from Tenerife

Loro Parque – birth of new rare penguin

Loro Parque is cel-ebrating the very first birth- of a Chinstrap penguin chick at Planet Penguin.

The species owes its name to the thin black line that runs from ear to ear under the chin. 

This birth is considered a real success as it is a very delicate penguin and it is quite a challenge to breed this species in a zoo. Isidoro, named after Saint Isidoro, weighed 77 grams at birth after an incubation phase of 38 days. The diet the penguin chick is receiving consists of a formula made with blended fish, very liquid during the first weeks and thicker as the chick grows bigger. To guarantee a balanced diet, different kind of fish are used in the formula that is given to the chick every three hours.  Read full article

If you would be interested in purchasing a ticket for Loropark, please go straight to our website and we would be happy to accommodate you.

The main attraction to Loro park is ofcourse the Orca show, but in fact there are many different types of animals here, including pandas, tigers, monkeys and snakes.

The post Loro Parque – birth of new rare penguin appeared first on www.TenerifeHost.com

Loro Parque – birth of new rare penguin