Red Crabs in Tenerife



Red crabs are living along all the coast of Tenerife among other kind of crabs, but red crabs usually bigger than others and more brave like this one on the photo. Red crabs are changing their colour under water, trying to be looking more dangerous. In fact, they are not dangerous at all.


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Red Crabs in Tenerife

South of Tenerife



Southern coastline of Tenerife island almost always offers sunny warm weather with light breeze from the Atlantic Ocean. 70% of hotels in Tenerife are located along the Southern coast and Tenerife Host is located here as well. If you will come to Tenerife, you are always welcome to visit our office:


Here you will get tickets and access to hundreds of activities you can during your holiday on the island.


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South of Tenerife

Mount Guaza Hiking Trip

Mount Guaza Hiking route


Tenerife is a paradise for people who love nature and hiking. In every corner of the island you can find interesting hiking and trekking routes, even close to resorts and hotels. One of such kind of routes is a hiking trip to the Mount Guaza.


There are two ways to do the trip by yourself.


1st one, easier, is to start from Los Cristianos. You have to walk along the shore to the end of the town, passing hotels and villas area till you reach cliffs. There’ll be your start point.


2nd one, more hard and longer, but also more interesting, if you start from Palm Mar town. Again you have to walk along the seashore till the cliffs and there you will have to climb some 150 m to almost vertical cliff.


Here you can see pictures and route map from the trip, which will take you some 4 hours.




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Mount Guaza Hiking Trip

Palm bats in Tenerife

Palm bats in Tenerife


Palm bats is kind of bats living in the kind of palms marked on the picture. These palm trees are very high, so during the day bats are hiding and safely sleeping in the kind of a nest formed by dead old palm leaves. And at night they start their life, hunting for palm beats (cofusingly often mistaked by tourists with cockroaches). At night palm bats singing with strange voices as from a horror movie, helping themselves to fly among buildings, trees and other barriers.


 Generally there are 7 kind of bats living on our island. Some of them you can meet in other parts of the world and some of them, like a red ear bat, you can find only in Tenerife. 


Welcome to Tenerife, here are bats, but no such a kind of vampires :)






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Palm bats in Tenerife