Palm bats in Tenerife

Palm bats in Tenerife


Palm bats is kind of bats living in the kind of palms marked on the picture. These palm trees are very high, so during the day bats are hiding and safely sleeping in the kind of a nest formed by dead old palm leaves. And at night they start their life, hunting for palm beats (cofusingly often mistaked by tourists with cockroaches). At night palm bats singing with strange voices as from a horror movie, helping themselves to fly among buildings, trees and other barriers.


 Generally there are 7 kind of bats living on our island. Some of them you can meet in other parts of the world and some of them, like a red ear bat, you can find only in Tenerife. 


Welcome to Tenerife, here are bats, but no such a kind of vampires :)






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Palm bats in Tenerife

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